EPG Travel

Discover Myanmar with EPG, one of the last great travel destinations in the world

From pristine sandy beaches in the South to snow-capped mountains in the North, where life is measured by the ebb and flow of the mighty Irrawaddy River, and history rests in the faded ruins of ancient temples and century-old colonial buildings. Be captivated by its nature, history, culture, and get to know its gentle population. Regale in the local festivals that light up the night sky, golden pagodas with bejeweled spires, and shy smiles that are countrywide. Established in 1995, EPG Travel is a locally owned inbound travel operator, with a formidable physical network within Myanmar and a superb relationship with high calibre suppliers. From modest beginnings, this company has grown to be one of the leading and well-respected dmcs in the country. EPG Travel clients are mainly from Europe and the USA handling bespoke travel. Starting with mutual professional respect, over the years, their travel company clients have become long term business and personal friends.

Being local, EPG Travel understands the difficulties and challenges that Myanmar faces. It believes in making changes for the better. EPG Travel actively supports sustainable tourism which directly benefits the rural communities, where there are fewer opportunities. In cooperation with partners, EPG Travel brings clean water and sanitation to remote areas. EPG Travel donates a percentage of its revenue to support students with their education.

Mindful of choosing its partners, EPG Travel continually maintains its core values of integrity, reliability, and ethics. Orchestrating authentic journeys with meaningful connections, cultural experiences, and immersive activities, EPG Travel shall deliver memorable itineraries to get to know the heart and soul of Myanmar.


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