Escales Signature

morocco – destination MASTER

Curating every trip as if it were a unique tailor-made jewel

Two women, from opposite parts of the world, whose paths were never meant to cross. Strong, determined and passionate women who dedicated themselves to create travel jewellery after years of experience in designing luxury and exclusive travel in Morocco. Their personality & their personal commitment to bring their guests unique moments of happiness are at the origin of the universe Escales Signature.

When, in their dreams, Morocco became a jewel, the most precious stones were the obvious choice. This country, this land, was their natural jewellery box. All they had to do was to open it, take the gemstones out and set them in their right place. And the ornament was born. Sapphire gave its blues to the sky and the seas of the northern coast. Tangier, Chefchaouen, Cabo Negro, Tamuda Bay add their different shades. The wooded Atlas Mountains and the zellige from Fès borrowed their green sparkle from emerald. On the beaches of Oualidia, Essaouira ou Agadir each grain of sand is proud to be a diamond nugget. In the deserts of the South, it is gold that covers the silent waves of the dunes. Marrakech, already known as the Red City, glitters like a ruby, yet full of mystery. Then so many other medinas could be the extra pearls.

Each trip will be conceived like a jewel with their label Escales Signature. Their vision is to be the luxury jewellers and gem setters, designing, to the last detail, a unique and precious piece : Careful selection of hotels, riads & villas, secret jewels of Morocco. They have the best contracts in the market with special amenities in each; Conception of tailor-made « Travel Creation » within 48H; Collection of more than 100 unique activities created only for Escales Signature, around the colours Morocco; A line of luxury cars & limousines “deluxe” with experimented multilingual private drivers/guides, experts of out of the beaten tracks itineraries; A meticulous selection of the top guides and specialists of Morocco; A 24/24 Conciergerie service and a special ‘Fairy Tale’ welcome; The creation of enchanting events