Exciting Travel Holidays


Exciting Travel Holidays, a Game Changer in Luxury

Exciting Travel Holidays was established to provide luxurious holidays to the Maldives. The team consists of a multilingual group of experienced travel professionals who have a wide knowledge about the Maldives, and promise to make each holiday an Exciting and Unforgettable one.

Game Changer in Luxury:
• With Exciting Travel Holidays you can easily book a resort “where Gordon Ramsey spent his vacation” or “that resort on the picture” randomly sent to you.
• They can help you to land a private jet as close to the resort as possible.
• They are the only DMC that provides diving advisory services.
• They share their knowledge and expertise with you to bring your fanciest ideas to reality.
• They know a WhatsApp number of a butler who is taking care of guests.
• Most probably you got their contact as a recommendation from your colleague, that is why they don’t need advertising.
• Your bookings and inquiries are totally safe. The company knows how to respect confidentiality. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named also books with Exciting Travel Holidays.