Crossing The Sea

Destination Greece is a classic summer holiday destination, and with Crossing the Sea guests get to explore a whole new side of the stunning coastlines, natural beauty and quaint seaside towns. The team at Crossing The Sea has carefully selected the best bays and beaches inaccessible by road in the Sporades archipelago

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Haugan Cruises

Haugan Cruises Exterior View

With more than 16 years of experience, Haugan Cruises features exclusive cruise programs that are hard to match. MC Petrel, MC Ocean Spray, and the new MT Camila comprise this company’s fleet of luxury vessels. The boats deliver client-oriented service that is rarely

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Imagine Sailing

Imagine Sailing is a sailboat with a double soul: the spirit of an athlete, the style of an aesthete. Born in 1993 from the mind of Ed Dubois, Imagine sleeps seven with a crew of five, and will count Belize, Panama’s San Blas Islands, the Galapagos, Easter Island and French Polynesia among its

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Blitz Exclusive

Founded in 1976, Blitz Exclusive is one of the most important international companies operating in Venice in the upmarket tourism and incoming sector. Initially focusing on private mobility on the mainland, over the years, Blitz Exclusive has implemented a strategy of expansion and service diversification and now operates on the national

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Caballadas - Guests riding horses through river

Possibly the best way to explore Patagonia, Caballadas offers unique active travel experiences that allow guests to see this wild and rugged region in comfortable exclusivity. Guests stay on a remote private estancia whose 24,300 hectares include mountain peaks, crystal clear rivers, forests, scenic valleys and, at is heart, an

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DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co.

DuVine Cycling Mallorca

DuVine offers award-winning luxury bike tours in the world’s most amazing locations If a leisure-adventure holiday involving lots of cycling is your thing, you need to check out what DuVine has to offer. This award-winning company is at the forefront of exclusive adventure tours all around the world. From Italy’s picturesque countryside to California’s Napa Valley, this company offers exclusive

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Helicopter Horizons

Helicopter Horizons - Heli picnic in the wild

Experience the elusive wilderness of Botswana’s Okavango Delta by air with the bespoke services of Helicopter Horizons. With a home base in Maun, Helicopter Horizons offers its passengers the unique opportunity to view the Okavango Delta from above, where the immensity of its size will overwhelm and astound. With scenic flights and tours,

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Sea Cloud Cruises

Step back in time when sailing was a way of life, and the only real way to see the world. Windjammers Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II have been chartering their own course for years. Watch the deckhands hoist and unfurl the sails by hand, and experience true seafaring on

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LUXON by Geisel

Travelling Europe’s rails with Luxon by Geisel, your private charter train Imagine an historic wagon modernized in the most luxurious way, which is exclusively reserved for you and your guests, takes you on a journey to the destination of your dreams on the day you desire: take a seat and relax at Luxon by Geisel, while Europe’s undisturbed landscape is passing by.

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Deep Desert Israel

Deep Desert Israel, operating from the desert township of Mitzpe Ramon, overlooking the Ramon Crater nature reserve, began its way as an inspirational desert adventure company. Over time they have expanded their services to special desert experiences: exclusive events planning, popup glamping (glamour camping), outdoor productions and corporate retreats and incentive programs, all in

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