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American Queen Steamboat Company Provides New Adventures in Old Style

The American Queen Steamboat Company is possibly unique in that it can offer you the opportunity to either follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark in the Pacific Northwest or explore all that the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers can offer, all whilst in the traditional comfort that only a paddle steamboat can offer.

American Queen

On the steamboat American Queen, the American Queen Steamboat Company can offer you a variety of cruises along the Ohio River or the great Mississippi River. Among the different adventures you can undertake on these itineraries is the Elvis experience, travelling the rivers from Elvis’s hometown of Memphis all the way to New Orleans whilst enjoying his music and stopping to explore the historic and charming ports that make up America’s music heartland. If you aren’t that big an Elvis fan, perhaps you would rather visit St. Louis and Mark Twain’s hometown of Hannibal, Missouri and witness for yourself what inspired the stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

The American Queen Steamboat Company offer many other adventures to be experienced on this luxury steamboat, like following the Bourbon trail or a once in a life time Valentine’s special. Whichever one of these uniquely different experiences that you choose, you will still enjoy a historic luxury life style on a traditional paddle steamer.

American Empress

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Northwest, the American Queen Steamboat Company also have the steamboat American Empress offering an assortment of adventures that share the experiences and scenery that Lewis and Clark enjoyed when they travelled the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Enjoy wildlife like Bison, Elk and Deer running freely and Salmon jumping upstream, just as they were in the days of the adventurous duo. Look in awe at the breath-taking scenery that these intrepid explorers had to negotiate, like Idaho’s Hell’s Gate Canyon which is deeper than the Grand Canyon or Columbia Gorge that carves its way through the Cascade Mountains.

Although, like these historic characters, you can experience and enjoy the spectacular sights that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, unlike them, you can enjoy them from the luxury that the American Queen Steamboat Company provides.


Whilst offering the authenticity of the traditional Victorian era steamboats, the American Queen Steamboat Company have enhanced and renovated their boats to include more modern, luxury facilities in order to ensure that whilst you may have indelible memories of what you see from the boat, you will also have them from the boat itself.


Whichever cruise you choose there are magnificent experiences to be had along the way and so the American Queen Steamboat Company ensures that there is an assortment of excursions available at each stop, so you can enjoy to the fullest what these river side venues can offer.

If you are an adventurer at heart and want to explore some of the best that America has to offer, a luxury steamboat allows you to do so in elegance and style. With the added bonus of having excellent cuisine and nightly entertainment provided, a full and entertaining experience is assured on any of the boats, on any of the great rivers.

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