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Australis Serves Up A Truly Memorable Patagonian Discovery

Patagonia is synonymous with adventure, offering natural spectacles and wildlife that are not found anywhere else on the planet. Travellers who wish to experience authentic Patagonian waterways, the southernmost points of Chile and Argentina, and the majestic Tierra del Fuego need not look further than Australis. Specializing in boutique holiday cruises lasting 3, 4, and 7 nights, Australis will guide voyagers into this land of mystery and unspoilt beauty.

A Fleet with Fanciful Amenities

With 2 dedicated cruise ships, the Via Australis and the Stella Australis, expedition cruises are realized in the lap of luxury. Each ship is immense, offering spacious accommodations to every passenger. On the Via Australis, contemporary furnishings blend well with the tasteful nautical décor, while decks and cabins for entertainment and dining are lavish and impressive for the likes of a sea vessel. The Stella Australis provides a more refined and modern scene, where lounges and lecture spaces are enhanced by rich natural colour palettes.

On board either of the Australis luxury liners, there are numerous amenities available to enhance your overall Patagonian experience. Each voyage offers daily excursions on zodiac boats to the signature destinations throughout the journey. Accompanying guests on these trips are professional and highly knowledgeable guides who will give audiovisual presentations related to the excursion. Each meal served through Australis is inclusive, either served buffet or a la carte style and showcasing the regional flavours of Patagonia. The open bar deck offers nonalcoholic beverages, cocktails, and a selection of fine wines.

Off the Beaten Path

With 5 round trip and 3 one way voyages, each of Australis’s itineraries provides excitement and wonder. The one way expeditions voyage from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas or the reverse, during which guests will explore the authentic glamour of Cape Horn, Magdelena Island, and the De Agostini  Sound. Noteworthy sights will also include the Pia Glacier and the Piloto and Nena Glaciers, or penguin filled Ainsworth Bay near the Strait of Magellan.

Round trip expeditions through Patagonia seek explorations to the End of the World and even retrace Darwin’s Route of evolutionary study. Travel through Glacier Alley, the Almirantazgo Bay, Povenir and King Penguin Park, Tuckers Islets, or Wulaia Bay. Each round trip expedition provides voyagers with an intimate viewing of the wildlife and wilderness of Patagonia, while surrounded by the finest luxury services.

Enjoy a Unique Excursion

Excursions are offered at many of the itinerant destinations, each bringing a new level of comprehension to the Patagonian adventure. In Cape Horn, guests will relish the chance to walk the Biosphere Reserve of Cape Horn National Park, known to locals as the end of the world. The Aguilar Glacier expedition will demonstrate a millennia of geological changes in the earth, as well as the breathtaking cold rainforest. The Wulaia Bay evokes a sense of peace with its redolent vegetation in the Magellanic forest and gives each traveller the opportunity to walk in the same ecosystem explored by Darwin in 1833.

Whether your interests are leisure or adventure, scientific exploration or wildlife viewing, the expeditions through Australis are one of a kind. Understanding and meeting the diverse cultural and natural elements of Patagonia will imbue a true sense of unity with the world around us.

Australis  -  Stella Australis Ship 2Australis  -  Up close and personal with a whaleAustralis  -  Excursion on Cape HornAustralis  -  Getting back on board of the ShipAustralis  -  Tierra Fuego with PenguinsAustralis  -  Getting back on board of the RibAustralis  -  Guest taking in the majestic viewsAustralis  -  Stella Australis ShipAustralis  -  Guests enjoying themselves aboard RibAustralis  -  Cape HornAustralis  -  Stella Australis Ship in front of large glacierAustralis  -  Getting close to the PenguinsAustralis  -  Marenelli Gletscher - Excursion by RibAustralis  -  Marenelli Gletscher - view from yacht at sunset

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