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Big Foot Patagonia Adventure

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Big Foot Adventure Patagonia Takes Travellers to the End of the World and Back

Patagonia, with its many glaciers and evolutionary history is a highly desired and often sought destination for travellers seeking an arctic wilderness. At Big Foot Adventure Patagonia, travellers become their own natural explorers, seekers of the mysterious and intriguing aspects of the area. With a philosophy rooted in environmental conservation and education, exciting arctic excursions are found on each bespoke Patagonian journey.

A Land with Amazing Character

At the southernmost points where Argentina and Chile meet, Patagonia rests as a testament to the natural evolutions of your world. A unique rupture process within this area creates a glacial field unlike any other. An arid landscape, which is unexpected when considering the abundance of ice, Patagonia provides travellers with an idyllic climate for exploring the last frontier of the planet. With Big Foot Adventure Patagonia, guests will encounter the many glorious and monumental glaciers of the region both on foot and by kayak.

Kayak in the Arctic Wilderness

The Half-Day Kayak trip from Puerto Natales delivers unprecedented views of Patagonia and its striking wildlife. As you paddle through the Ultima Esperanza Sound, the native population of Black-necked swans will escort each kayak through the undulating waterways. Glacial mountains and the town of Puerto Natales come alive when viewed on the desolate horizon.

The Big Foot Adventure Patagonia One Day Kayak Trip at Grey Beach is an opportunity to float amongst the many luminous ice blocks which have broken away from Grey Glacier. A breathtaking and leisurely journey, Grey Bay provides post card views that are not adequately characterized merely by words alone. Vistas of Paine Massif and its natural granite walls will put life in a new perspective for each privileged traveller.

A Chance to Hike Where Few Have Stepped

A once in a lifetime hiking excursion with Big Foot Adventure Patagonia is found on the Torres del Paine National Park All Day Trip. Experience the awe inspiring landscapes of the park, where visitors will view the glamourous scenes of the Lake Sarmiento Lookout, the epic towers of Torres del Paine, the Cuernos del Paine, and the heart stopping Cerro Almirante Nieto Mountain. A plethora of endemic wildlife may be seen on this exclusive journey, including guanacos, condors, fox, and pumas. A stop at the Salto Grande waterfall creates lasting memories and luxury photographic opportunities. Viewing the immaculate natural icebergs of the area with the natural flora and fauna will demonstrate why this region of Patagonia has been relished for its evolutionary ideals.

The towers at Torres del Paine National Park are a destination that can only be explained as a cinematic quality landscape. On the Base of the Towers hike offered by Big Foot Adventure Patagonia, travellers will have the unique opportunity to trek as close as humanly possible to these grand geological structures. The views here are truly unforgettable, each panoramic sight is transformative as well as transcendental. The tour will bring travellers through Laguna Amarga, to the Mirador of the Torres, with an included walk through the Ascencio Valley.

Big Foot Adventure Patagonia evokes a connection to the planet and its natural phenomenon that is at once difficult to elocute yet effortless to recollect.

Big Foot Patagonia  -  Melted ice forms fresh lake with guests on the edgeBig Foot Patagonia  -  Guest iceclimbingBig Foot Patagonia  -  Guests hiking over a glacierBig Foot Patagonia  -  Guests floating in special drysuit with glacier as spectacular backdropBig Foot Patagonia  -  Guests hiking through amazing ice landscapes 2Big Foot Patagonia  -  Guests kayakingBig Foot Patagonia  -  Guests hiking through amazing ice landscapes

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