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Classic Flights

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Classic Flights – Travel back to the glorious era of flight whilst taking in the beauty of Wanaka

For decades before space travel was accomplished and technology overtook the minds of citizens, the ability to pilot an aircraft was a heroic endeavour.  Pilots, both leisurely and military, were the astronauts of a generation, representing the danger and intrigue of the era.  Boys wanted to don their own flying goggles and gals wanted to marry the men who flew the bespoke aircraft of the time.  Relive the larger than life grandeur of flight with Classic Flights.  This New Zealand based aviation company offers scenic flights over and around beautiful Wanaka, New Zealand.

Heart Stopping and Heart Warming

Romance is in the air during a Classic Flights Freedom Romance expedition. You and a guest will depart the Wanaka Airport in either a Waco aircraft or 2 Tigermoths, then travel over the scenic Wanaka lands to a remotely glorious location.  Upon arrival, enjoy an exquisite picnic lunch complete with a bottle of Otago Wine, while you gaze at the beautiful lake and surrounding natural glamour.  After a pleasant repast, the nostalgic plane will return you to your point of origin.

For an adrenaline-filled journey, the Classic Flights Ultimate Barnstormer in a vintage 1940’s Tigermoth will leave you breathless and smiling.  A 30 minute flight, the Barnstormer recreates the dazzling aerobic twists and turns that were so well known of these planes.  Marvel at the quick responses, the sound of the propellers being drowned out by the rushing wind and your own heartbeat.  View the Southern Alps and Lake Wanaka from every direction, even upside down.

Highlights of the Region

When Classic Flights created the Wanaka Highlights tour, they wanted guests to experience the idyllic and picturesque landscape without missing a single celebrated feature.  This flight will take you above Mount Aspiring National Park in a 1940’s Tigermoth, allowing for unprecedented vistas of the South Island and the Southern Alps.  A far more leisurely ride than the Barnstormer, guests will find the journey both breathtaking and relaxing.

For the ultimate in Wanaka exploration, Classic Flights developed the Wanaka Grandview tour.  The open cockpit of a 1930’s Waco aircraft allows for panoramic views of Wanaka, including Glenhu Bay, Mou Tapu and Mou Waho Islands, and Lake Wanaka.  With two passengers in the front seat, guests will feel the rush of soaring through the clouds and communing with nature, all at the same time.

Classy and Commercial

Classic Flights offers a plethora of commercial amenities and services as well.  Businesses and corporate venues will adore the nostalgic advertising and banner towing options, each is sure to attract the attention of the Wanaka and Queenstown locals below.  Classic Flights will also gladly provide bespoke wedding photography and modelling backdrops that are one of a kind.  Even if your occasion does not boast a vintage theme, these aircraft and their designs are timeless.

With Classic Flights, vintage luxury and time honoured excitement are delivered with each take off and landing.  The hardest decisions a passenger will make is which of the classic aircraft to ride in, and how to take enough pictures of the gorgeous New Zealand landscapes.

Classic Flights  -  Tigermoth aircraft flying over Lake WanakaClassic Flights  -  The-era-of-styleClassic Flights  -  Waco aircraft photographed in flight from aboveClassic Flights  -  Enjoying a picnic in the shade of the wing of a Tigermoth aircraftClassic Flights  -  Yellow Tigermoth aircraft preparing to overfly lake (portrait format)Classic Flights - Fun-together-in-the-WacoClassic Flights  -  Tigermoth-in-Snow-Guest & pilot photographed in flightClassic Flights  -  Waco aircraft from the 1930's flying surrounded by stunning landscapesClassic Flights  -  The Jacobs Radial Engine up closeClassic Flights  -  Tigermoth flying over LakeClassic Flights  -  Two Tigermoth aircraft flying in close formation over lakeClassic Flights  -  Waco aircraft from the 1930's flying over lakeClassic Flights  -  Tiger-over-the-lake

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