Crossing The Sea

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Family sailing in Greece with Crossing The Sea that one never forgets


Greece is a classic summer holiday destination, and with Crossing the Sea guests get to explore a whole new side of the stunning coastlines, natural beauty and quaint seaside towns. The team at Crossing The Sea has carefully selected the best bays and beaches inaccessible by road in the Sporades archipelago to offer guests an exclusive environment.

Formula including a floating kids club

Crossing the Sea operates weeklong all-inclusive itineraries in flotillas of two or three premium catamarans in the summer months in Greece, with a separate sailboat Kid’s Club for children (the most unique feature of this holiday experience). The concept is a ‘boutique hotel at sea’ family holiday with dedicated crews for both adults and children and carefully selected bays and beaches away from the crowds of tourists.


Crossing the Sea is proudly owned and operated by an Italian hospitality group so get ready for a gastronomic menu of Italian favourites! Over the course of the week, guests enjoy delicious gourmet food made with fresh ingredients sourced daily which are then prepared and paired with high quality Italian wines and olive oil.


Days fly by in a haze of relaxation both at sea and on the beach for adults:
Dedicated staff – the crew on each catamaran is a dedicated team of hospitality and at sea professionals with Italian flair and style.
Pampering –guests are on holiday to be pampered so sit back, relax and let the crew take care of everything
Sailing – the Skipper is happy to let guests take the helm for those with experience or offer lessons for those keen to try their hand.
Luxury soft furnishings – boats are prepared with luxury Italian linens and designer place settings
Beaches – the crew set up private beaches for guests with sunbeds, designer sunshades and picnic snacks away from the crowded tourist traps.
Exploring – aside from the beautiful bays and deserted beaches, the itinerary also includes an excursion on land with quads, scooters or by car to discover the natural beauty of the island of Skopelos and to see where the movie MammaMia was filmed!


Children have a holiday of a lifetime with their own daytime boat for games and activities with their very own dedicated crew. By having the Kid’s Club housed on a separate boat, the children have their own space and can make noise and be rowdy without disturbing the parents. The younger guests spend their days learning to sail, playing games and doing activities under the watchful eye of the Kid’s Club team.
Onboard the Kid’s Club and In the Water, various activities are organized such as:
Diving competitions, treasure hunt, inflatable toys which are tied to the bow of the Kid’s Club boat to make a kind of bouncy castle style play area, water gun games on the dinghies, sailing lessons, water sports (SUP boarding, sea scooter etc), face and body painting.
On shore, sports and games are organized according to the children’s preferences:
Beach volleyball, ball and bat games, The Big Squeeze! Children are divided into groups and have to wring out t-shirts which
have been submerged in water down by the waterline to be the first team to fill their bowl with water. Scavenger hunt, kids only picnic lunch alla Robinson Crusoe. And for the evening fun and games, night swimming with glow sticks (for those brave enough to jump into the water after dark!).

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