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Dunia Baru

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Dunia Baru, on a voyage of luxury and discovery

Dunia Baru means ‘New World’ in Indonesian, and that is exactly where it will take you. Cruise through the waters and navigate the Indonesian archipelago in a superyacht like no other. Discover the islands and its pristine nature, and explore hidden gems.

East Meets West

Designed to combine modernity, technology and tradition seamlessly, Dunia Baru is a superyacht that is kitted-out with the finest equipment. But what makes Dunia Baru truly unique is that it has a façade that will transport you back to the past, during the height of the spice trade. The superyacht was built by legendary boat-builders, the seafaring Konjo people, using methods steeped in history.

Modern Comforts

Dunia Baru is luxury personified. Decked in timber and its rich hues, Dunia Baru is warm and inviting. There are 6 spacious en-suite rooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as a 60-inch LED TV, touch-screen controlled lighting and air-conditioning. For something even more out of the ordinary, there is a full-beam master-suite complete with a large bathroom and a private day-bed sundeck.

Dunia Baru insists that you feel at home on board the yacht; it isn’t difficult to do so, with plush sofas, lounge decks, and even a library. You can lie back on the foredeck and watch the glorious stars illuminating the night sky. Pop by the lounge at sundown for a cocktail (or two).

Eating well and eating together, can be one of life’s most satisfying things. On board the Dunia Baru, you can savour a delectable gourmet meal with friends and family. Be tantalised by the sumptuous spreads artfully prepared by the chefs.

Get Ready for an Adventure

From visiting Sea Gypsy villages to trekking through lush rainforests, Dunia Baru will quench your thirst for adventure. Dive in the crystal clear waters and be amazed by the marine life. Kayak your way through grand scenic landscapes. Dunia Baru is decked out with water sports equipment, jet skis, paddle boards and even fishing equipment, if reeling in a catch is what you fancy.

Going Places

Dunia Baru sails to various locations in the Indonesian archipelago. Step into Bali and be captivated by the colours and the rich culture, or put on a wetsuit and dive into the waters of Raja Ampat, where the marine life is exceptionally diverse and fascinating. Take a chance and venture into the Komodo Islands, and see for yourself the renowned reptiles. Kayak in a crater lake while being surrounded by volcanic mountains in Sumbawa, or inhale the heady and intense fragrance of spices in the Spice Islands, or the Malukus. Discover the quaint and beautiful island of Flores, which has remained largely unchanged since the days of the Portuguese explorers.

The possibilities are endless with Dunia Baru. Dunia Baru opens up a new world that exceeds even the greatest of imagination – a new world of sights, a new world of comfort and pleasure, and a new world of experiences to be had.


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