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EYOS Expeditions to remote places on earth

EYOS Expeditions organises one of a kind luxury expeditions to some of the remote, yet remarkable, places on earth. Focusing on safety and luxury within their travel, EYOS Expeditions offer chartered super yachts or the option to travel using your own vessel. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll find a full and rewarding itinerary, put together with captains, alongside any air flight or permits you may need as well as a world-class expedition team too.

Using their own experience and knowledge gathered after decades of exploring some of Earth’s most remote locations, combined with their extensive network, EYOS Expeditions secure themselves as an asset for any voyage heading to even the world’s furthest corners. Simply explore their chartered expeditions and expedition services to find the most suitable option for you.

Expedition Yacht Charters

EYOS Expeditions will guide you whilst choosing the perfect vessel for your expedition. Knowing that these spectacular remote locations can require something a little different than a standard voyage, with different challenges ahead, they’ll ensure your yacht is suitable for the operational requirements needed during your expedition.

Choose from their three most capable vessels capable to handle the challenges of these types of missions, Hanse Explorer – a firm favourite and true expedition yacht, Big Fish – complete with rugged capacity, held-deck and 12,000 mile range, and Enigma XK – with its superior construction teamed with luxury design, each representing a sample of the regularly worked with fleet of EYOS Expeditions.

Expedition Services

Using their passion, notable experience and even some outstanding ‘world firsts’, the EYOS Expeditions team have been inspired by both technical challenges and new horizons when putting together their past expeditions. Working with clients closely and forming unique partnerships, combined with innovation and operational skill, has been key to making each of their successful endeavours with previous client expeditions.
Their drive and determination has given them some great achievements and allowed for clients to see the world in a way like no other – with little previous experience as a voyager. This, alongside their extensive list of services, makes them an incomparable choice for a unique exploration of the world’s four corners.

During your expedition, benefit from the fantastic all-round service that EYOS Expeditions include, from diving services and aviation to submarine usage and photographers and videographers. Some of the outstanding and must-see places you can visit on your adventure include Antarctica, Greenland, the Northwest Passage, Seychelles, Papua New Guinea, the South Pole, the South Pacific and Indonesia and New Zealand, plus many more.


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