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Cycle back in time with Fandango Tour

Make sure to circle March, May, September and October on your calendars. These are the legendary time-warp months!

During these months along specific, scenic routes in Italy, you’ll simply come across gorgeous, vintage bicycles everywhere, with riders decked out in vintage clothing. You may well think you’ve somehow slipped back in time… but no, you’re witnessing some of the yearly amateur retro cycling events, where riders trade in their modern bicycles, clothing and hardware for the simpler technologies of yesteryear, where everything from the digital era is banned.

Among these events, L’Eroica is the most famous one featuring replicas from all around the world, from California to Japan. The most peculiar one, however, and the one gaining momentum is the Gran Corsa di Primavera, covering barely 300 km from Milano to Sanremo over 3 days on bikes prior to the year 1930.

Do you wish to travel back in time too in order to experience these unique events? Fandango Tour is the Italian experiential company offering you the opportunity to join these fab retro cycling events. Their dedicated team is ready to take care of all related aspects, from the accommodation to the renting of a special retro bicycle.

You can also combine the vintage event of your choice with a memorable cycling adventure or just with your journey through Italy. Whatever your choice, Fandango Tour stands for guaranteed fun and discovery.

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