Imagine Sailing

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Meet the Athlete and Aesthete Imagine Sailing

Imagine Sailing is a sailboat with a double soul: the spirit of an athlete, the style of an aesthete. Born in 1993 from the mind of Ed Dubois, Imagine sleeps seven with a crew of five, and will count Belize, Panama’s San Blas Islands, the Galapagos, Easter Island and French Polynesia among its port of call in 2020.

In each place his owner Aldo Melpignano and his team have crafted “Nowhere Else” experiences, ranging from private excursions discovering unspoiled places to remote beach barbecues, from off-the-beaten-path cultural excursions to mouth-watering food experiences with local people.

Each route is unique and different in terms of adventure, culture, fun and exploration in order to satisfy the tastes of every type of traveller.

Routes 2019-2020

April 2019: Bahamas and British Virgin Islands
May 2019: Atlantic Crossing
June – September 2019: Baltic and Mediterranean
November 2019 – March 2020: Caribbean and Panama
April 2020: Galapagos and Easter Island
May 2020: Pacific Crossing
June – October 2020: French Polynesia
November 2020 – March 2021: New Zealand, including attending America’s Cup

Thanks to her nerves of steel and body in aluminium, Imagine Sailing has carried his heart around the world completing three circumnavigations of the globe, including a passage to the Arctic Circle and has been part of the Team New Zealand, serving as hospitality boat and spectator platform and following with passionate support some of its successful races at America’s Cup.

Her long journeys to the end of the world are a rich source of memories for many people from different cultures who have been guests on board, and have contributed in making Imagine a true travel boat with a great history.

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