Insiders Experience Marrakech

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Insiders Experience Marrakech – Discover one of the most unusual ways to explore the city of Marrakech

Insiders Experience offers curious travellers one of the most unusual ways imaginable to explore the city of Marrakech: in a vintage motorcycle sidecar.

Passengers ride pillion, or hunker down in the sidecar of a Ural M72s (a Russian copy of the 1938 BMW R71) taking in the sights and sounds from a whole new vantage point.

A tour with Insiders Experience is tailored entirely to each guest’s interests – whether venturing into the medina, exploring mosques and churches, or heading out to the vast Palmeraie palm plantation – opening their eyes to a different side of the red city.

Born of the founder’s twin passions – motorcycles and travel – the Insiders Experience is not so much a tour with a guide as a day out with a friend you didn’t know you had –  a friend who is a long time resident of Marrakech, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the city.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_11_Sidecar Trees Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_8_Sidecar Carpet Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_9_Sidecar Closeup Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_7_Sidecar Tunnel Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_4_Sidecar Ruins Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_2_Sidecar Man Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_5_Sidecar Terrace Marrakech Insiders_Felix Mathivet_Filter_1_Donkey Sidecar

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