Last Frontier Heli - Skiing Down From A High Alpine Peak With Helicopter Flying Simultaneously

Last Frontier Heliskiing

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Last Frontier Heliskiing – the Ultimate Ski Experience

Last Frontier Heliskiing is a company that offers perhaps the most unique and astounding ski experiences. Operating from two resorts in British Columbia, Canada it has the pristine Canadian Rocky Mountains as its ski slopes from which it can offer a skier the experience of an unlimited vertical drop for skiing down mountains that have never been skied before.


There are two lodges offered by Last Frontier Heliskiing to stay at, Bell 2 Lodge which is situated at an elevation of 1900ft is the larger of the 2 catering to up to 36 guests. Located 220 miles Northwest of Smithers, British Columbia, this is a remote luxury resort offering guests a complete wilderness experience whilst experiencing the delights of a 5 star hotel including satellite communications. The second lodge offered by Last Frontier Heliskiing is Ripley Creek catering to up to 24 guests. Located in the small town of Steward across the Portland Canal from Hyder, Alaska, 200 miles Northwest of Terrace British Columbia this is a less remote location but offers some of the best tree runs in the world.


Both of these lodges are ideal for starting a heli-skiing experience with choices of powder or deep snow, bowls or glaciers and unique tree strewn runs allowing you to ski totals of 180,000 vertical feet in good weather. With the assistance of the Last Frontier Heliskiing helicopters and experienced guides, the options available for some really heart thumping experiences are enormous and are probably unmatched anywhere else on the planet.


Tours of from 4 to 10 days are organized for groups of 4 people, providing up to 14 hours flying time when two groups join together. With a professional pilot and two qualified guides available on each flight, the options are almost endless and unique exciting experiences all but guaranteed. Although mainly catering to skiers, the Last Frontier Heliskiing also offer snow board rental for those that would prefer them.


With two lodges available, both providing luxury yet located apart in order to offer a choice of preferred skiing experiences, plus the option of experiencing both of them by sharing your time between the two of them, Last Frontier Heliskiing can offer all ski enthusiasts whatever they prefer.


If you are someone that loves to ski, these tours are the ultimate experience offering you the chance to relax in luxury to recoup for the next day’s new experience. In the unfortunate event weather conditions interfere with the skiing opportunities, a variety of other pursuits are available depending on which lodge you choose. At Bell 2 Lodge you can perhaps do some snow shoes and trekking along the banks of the Bell Irvin River see wild life that can only be seen in the remotest places. At Ripley Lodge you can explore the town of Stewart, go for a walk to Hyder Alaska or visit a historic museum but whatever you choose, these tours are hard to be matched for luxury, excitement or certainly uniqueness.

Last Frontier Heli - Guide Posing in New OutfitLast Frontier Heli - Helicopter Flying towards CameraLast Frontier Heli - Zig Zagging Down The Mountain at Ripley CreekLast Frontier Heli - Helicopter Upon PhotographerLast Frontier Heli - Spectacular Mountain Landscape at SunsetLast Frontier Heli - Helicopter Landed in Ripley CreekLast Frontier Heli - Skiing Downhill at Ripley CreekLast Frontier Heli - The Impressive Views and Ski Area Ahead at Ripley Creek

Photo credits: Dave Silver, Aurelien Sudan, Patrick Dornair, Rueben Krabbe, Thomas Reissnecker

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