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Cruise off the beaten path with Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions are cruise experts whom have partnered with National Geographic in order to offer their guests the ultimate in adventure cruises to destinations across the globe. With a wide variety of different adventures to choose from that include destinations such as Antarctica, the Arctic, the Galapagos and Asia with expert guides to lead you through the more interesting aspects that each adventure can offer, an ultimate experience is assured.


The Lindblad Expeditions that are offered are probably more diverse than those offered by any others. You can choose to experience life at either the top or the bottom of the world on either of the vessels National Geographic Orion or National Geographic Explorer. Perhaps you would prefer a warmer climate and opt to join National Geographic Endeavour or Islander to see the wonders offered by the Galapagos Islands or Delfin 11 for an Amazonian experience. Whichever you choose, Lindblad Expeditions will ensure that your adventure is all that it should be.


Obviously some activities are limited by the particular choice of destination that you make but any of them will provide an abundance of appropriate programs ranging from kayaking in the Arctic, diving off reefs in the Caribbean to hiking to hidden, remote beaches in Asia and wildlife watching in the Galapagos. All of which are carried out with a range of necessary equipment to make the most of the adventure whilst remaining safe from harm.


Whilst joining Lindblad Expeditions you will be experiencing more of an expedition than a cruise as the ships are smaller than the standard cruise ships in order to allow access to places where the bigger ships cannot go. Plus the ships are equipped with scientific equipment as well as researchers, any of which will be pleased to offer you the benefit of their particular knowledge and share with you their latest discoveries.


National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions initiated their close cooperation in 2004 in order to offer the discerning traveller, the opportunity to experience expedition travel and help spread geographical knowledge to a wider audience around the world. The partnership has been a huge success enabling travellers to meet and observe alongside renowned scientists and speakers. The partnership also facilitates professional photographers to be on hand to either advice you or to even take some snaps for you.


The type of adventure travel that Lindblad Expeditions, offers is the opportunity to experience places that could not be reached by more traditional travel options and whilst you can enjoy the privacy of a private accommodation, other areas are communal allowing you to meet and converse with others aboard, perhaps a scientist or guest speaker, film crew or naturalist. As there is always more than one aspect of research being undertaken on board the ship, you have the choice to join whichever one you choose, offering still more diversity. Not that you could ever forget the experience, but it could be brought closer to mind much later, when you read the National Geographic Magazine and see part of your unique adventure shared with the rest of the world.


Photo credits: Michael S. Noland, Ralph Lee Hopkins, Louis Verdesoto and Sven Olaf Lindblad

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