Mozambique Dhow Safari, an island hopping safari in Mozambique

Mozambique Dhow Safaris

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Mozambique Dhow Safari, an island hopping safari in Mozambique

Many travellers associate the experience of a safari with the vast continent of Africa. With Mozambique Dhow Safaris, guests will experience an entirely new type of safari, in and around Mozambique.

The Wonders of a Dhow

The dhow is a traditional Arab sailing vessel, one which has been used throughout the oceans and seas for centuries. The small dhow fleet operated by Mozambique Dhow Safaris are not what anyone would consider a luxury cruising vessel. These sailing ships were not built for comfort, and occasionally they do leak. It may seem counterproductive to employ such a vessel on a safari, but the truth of the matter is that they are perfect for the task. The combination of rustic transportation, white triangular sails and rigging, and the unobstructed views of the water enhance the safari experience as no other sea vessel ever could.

Safari Options

The Mozambique Dhow Safaris offers an array of safari options to their guests. Travellers may choose to explore Africa on a Kayak Safari in a group setting, with a knowledgeable and friendly guide. Others may wish to schedule their own private safari, which is tailor made to fit each guest’s requests. Private safari tours can use either the dhows or kayaks, and will accommodate as many as 20 passengers. Mobile Eco Fly Camps are another popular attraction offered by Mozambique Dhow Safaris. In these well planned settings, the glorious beach is the backdrop and the ideals of rustic camping are put to task without impacting the environment in a negative way.

While taking part in any of the Mozambique Dhow Safaris tours or attractions, guests are offered stunning gourmet dining experiences throughout their journeys. As each journey is centred around the coastal waters of Africa, fresh seafood is always the prime selection on each menu. Seasonal ingredients are blended with the finest outdoor cooking methods to create delicious repasts in the most remote environments.

Exploring Mozambique and the Surroundings Areas

While each safari is bespoke to travellers requests, there are a few constants that remain steadfast. Each traveller will have the unique opportunity to stay at the luxury Ibo Island Lodge. Untouched by technological progress, the Ibo Island Lodge offers every quality one would expect from a tropical island retreat. While exploring the area of Mozambique, guests will discover the immense beauty and magical intrigue of the Quirimbas Archipelago, renowned for its sweet, delectable crab and coconut infused rice dishes.

The mobile island hopping safari of Pemba to Pemba highlights each of the lavish and opulent amenities within the region. As an 8 day journey offered by Mozambique Dhow Safaris, guests should anticipate the finest nature and sailing adventures available. This intricately planned, yet leisurely journey takes guests from the island of Pemba to Mogundula Island, through Ulumbwa, on to Matemo Island, in to Ibo Island, and then finally back to Pemba. Snorkelling, sailing, and many other water activities are experienced, while guests interact with the hospitable locals of the islands. Great adventure and opportunities for exploration await the guests of Mozambique Dhow Safaris.

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