M/S Prince de Neufchatel

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M/S Prince de Neufchatel is the perfect way to explore the Aegean islands in style

Built in New York by Adam and Noah Brown in a typical body plan of the American privateers, M/S Prince de Neufchatel was one of the fastest ships of the United States army in the war of 1812. In 1814, the vessel was chased 17 times by British men–of–war and she outran them every time. After a triumphant victory against the British navy, she went back to Boston and when Prince sailed again in December of 1814, fully crewed with 120 men under Nicolas Millin, she was chased through a severe gale by three British frigates.

Prince was then built in Holland in 1967 and fully rebuilt in 2008 in Greek shipyards combining the brilliance of her kind with the comforts of a modern yacht.

The vessel features two staterooms with queen size beds and one twin cabin with berths and en-suite marble bathrooms, a comfortable galley, a sunlit interior salon and lots of space for lounging and sunbathing on the exterior. Prince is the perfect way to explore the Aegean Islands in style and in absolute harmony with the Greek sailing tradition.


MSPrince de Neufchatel-GreecePrince de Neufchatel-Cabin-SailPrince de Neufchatel  -  Aerial view while sailingPrince de Neufchatel-Salon-GreecePrince-de-Neufchatel-View-over-deck-while-sailing

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