Norway Husky Adventure

Norway Husky Adventure

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Experience beautiful winter landscape in a unique way with Norway Husky Adventure

For a snow-based adventure with a little difference, Norway Husky Adventure offers a selection of nature experiences right from the heart of Norway. Focusing on trails with husky dogs, the Norway Husky Adventure and their kennels are centred within Kopperå, Meråker, just a short hour’s drive from the Trondheim Airport Værnes. Nestled in the Norwegian mountains, enjoy the beautiful winter scenery as you experience all this beautiful culture has to offer.

Each sledge trip allows you to feel and experience the power of huskies operating as an energetic team – noiseless and smooth. View the Norwegian forestry and mountainous areas up to the Swedish borders as you travel for a truly different, breathtaking experience. Witness the snow, sun, wind and cold amongst the quietness of the dog sled but don’t feel shy, the way the dogs work never fail to amaze everyone – even the Norway Husky Adventure team!

Since 2000, Norway Husky Adventure has continued to operate its series of tours, trips and experiences, lead by Bodil Bakken and her partner, Jan Ove Moen. With the aim of providing their guests with an unforgettable experience with a difference, the owners along with their experienced team, take pride in sharing their huskies on each adventure.

Each dog housed by the Norway Husky Adventure team will be from the Alaskan Husky breed. As they’re bred to be fast and run for long distances, they’re more than fit for the job and enjoy what they do. You’ll find the relationship between these dogs and the musher – the driver – to be key. Each playing their part seamlessly in guiding your journey.

In the summertime, enjoy a visit to the kennel (also available at other times of year) or a dogsledding trip on wheels followed by coffee a cake to end your experience. During Winter, the Norway Husky Adventure team bring a range of tours, day trips and experiences that can include sleeping in the Norwegian outdoors with traditional barbecued food for a whole round cultural experience.

Caring about their guests, the team at Norway Husky Adventure provide full guidance on clothing and equipment for your experience. From multiple layers to the importance of wool and a full list of added extras that you should be sure to pack, just to ensure that you have the most enjoyable stay possible.

During your experience, stay within the main house as a guest of the family. You’ll enjoy complimentary meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner times for the entirety of your stay. The team will even prepare all requirements for the trip and provide you with any guidance needed for extras to bring along too.

Just ensure that you keep an eye on the weather for the time of year you’d like to plan your trip, the weather can change quite rapidly in Norway, but the team will keep you informed with all you need to know weather-wise to really enjoy your trip.

Norway Husky Adventure - winter - experience
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