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Oceans Below offers shark underwater videographer training courses

Tropical Koh Tao, one of Asia’s premiere shark-diving destinations is the setting for an adventure like no other. The waters surrounding this idyllic island in the Gulf of Thailand offer a seasonal home to some of the most awe-inspiring and misunderstood creatures of the deep- the mighty Bull Shark and the graceful Whale Shark.  The video team at Oceans Below has logged hundreds of hours filming these magnificent animals and has exposed many of their secrets.  Today, as conservation efforts are failing them, the sharks’ key role as balancers of the marine ecosystem is only just being uncovered.  Time is ticking away on the chance to observe these spectacular sharks in the wild.

An unprecedented opportunity has arisen for people with a passion for the natural world. Five days of training will introduce participants to the art of video production allowing them to memorialize these wonderful creatures in their own underwater movie.  The team will introduce adventurers to the use of the most advanced high-definition cameras and housings and train them to use the latest professional editing programmes.  It’s a chance to witness the last of a dying breed and document their majestic beauty for future generations.


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