Waterproof Expeditions

Waterproof Expeditions, a lively and thrilling adventure company operated out of the Netherlands, provides leisurely explorers and adrenaline seekers bespoke opportunities for interaction with the world and its characteristic organic playground personality. Offering a vast selection of destinations and excursions, Waterproof Expeditions creates memorable experiences that are just as educational

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Big Foot Patagonia Adventure

Big Foot Patagonia - Guests kayaking surrounded by spectacular landscapes

Patagonia, with its many glaciers and evolutionary history is a highly desired and often sought destination for travellers seeking an arctic wilderness. At Big Foot Adventure Patagonia, travellers become their own natural explorers, seekers of the mysterious and intriguing aspects of the area. With a philosophy

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Bangkok Food Tours

Bangkok Food Tours - Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk 3

In much the same way that Italian food is different when it is prepared and presented in Italy, the food of Thailand is extraordinarily different than its common perception. The Thai have a very deep connection to their cuisine, a connection that flows into their entire cultural heritage. The creators of Bangkok

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SwisSkiSafari - Skiing with Pilatus Porter aircraft flying over

SwisSkiSafari provides outdoor sport and wilderness enthusiasts with the ultimate opportunity to explore the Swiss Alps in the finest luxury venues. Each small group trip will provide guests with the optimum ski descents, guaranteed. Not bothered by international boundaries, SwisSkiSafari guides its guests to the finest Swiss, French, and

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Australis - Expedition Ribs just leaving Ship

Patagonia is synonymous with adventure, offering natural spectacles and wildlife that are not found anywhere else on the planet. Travellers who wish to experience authentic Patagonian waterways, the southernmost points of Chile and Argentina, and the majestic Tierra del Fuego need not look further than Australis. Specializing in boutique holiday cruises lasting

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InBloon Zero 2 Infinity - View of the Balloon in flight

The dream of space travel has been an iconic vision of interstellar exploration and science fiction fancy in the heart of every child and many adults. While technology and advancement have allowed us to place men on the moon and sat satellites in orbit, even a rover on Mars, thus far the general

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Classic Flights

Classic Flights - Two aircraft parked alongside each other on grassfield surrounded by lake & mountains

For decades before space travel was accomplished and technology overtook the minds of citizens, the ability to pilot an aircraft was a heroic endeavour.  Pilots, both leisurely and military, were the astronauts of a generation, representing the danger and intrigue of the

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Pacific Yellowfin

Pacific Yellow - Close-up Front & Side of the Yacht

Pacific Yellowfin – Boutique Luxury Yachting at its Finest throughout British Columbia Many travellers and locals alike believe that British Columbia is most aptly viewed by water. Considering that the sounds and streams intricately rushing off of the Pacific Ocean have time and again been compared to the Mediterranean Sea, it is no wonder that the British Columbia isles and

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Ice Driver

Ice Driver - IceDriver Porsche 911 drfiting elegantly

For the ultimate in cultural and adventurous experiences, we introduce Ice Driver. As a family business run in Geilo, Norway, the Ice Driver experience is brought to you by Andy and Alison McKenna. Andy’s extensive experience with motor sports combined with Alison’s hospitality ensures that you’re experience is unforgettable.

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