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Quasar Expeditions – Patagonia, the land of the giants

Have you ever dreamed of traversing the untouched wilderness of the world? Of being free to revel in its beauty and appreciate its presence? Of wandering through mountains without the sound of tourists everywhere or people inadvertently walking through your photos?

Quasar Expeditions accommodates those dreams with their Jeep tours of Patagonia. Guests may choose from a guided tour where the guide will also drive for them, or a guided tour where they drive themselves. They are also able to explore without a tour leader, using the GPS Ranger installed in their Jeep vehicle.

The tours are available with the naturalist and the adventurer options, the naturalist being less arduous than the adventurer option. Adventurers will be doing more difficult hiking, while naturalists are sometimes treated to beautiful scenery by boat.

Comfort and Adventure

Quasar Expeditions are known for providing high quality trips with high quality amenities. They have four-star and five-star options of hotels during the trip, so you can hike glaciers all day long and then return to relax in an elegant spa.

Their Patagonian adventures provide you with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, a car known for its ruggedness and adventuresome spirit. Each Jeep comes equipped with a GPS Garmin, a GPS Ranger, radio, binoculars and ten minutes of satellite phone use, all included in the cost of the trip.

Land of the Bigfeet

Patagonia is said to have got its name from when Magellan visited the land in the 1520’s. The Spaniards recorded seeing giants in the land, though they are now believed to be the Aeoniken people, who averaged about ten inches taller than the typical 5’1’’ Spaniard.

The name giants is fitting to this land formed by glaciers. Huge mountains surround every direction you look. High mountains and deep valleys make for exciting hiking grounds in this region in the southernmost tip of South America. The land includes parts of Chile and Argentina, and is one of the least populated places on earth. It is also one of the top places in the world to hike, according to National Geographic Magazine.

An Adventurous Spirit

If you have an adventurous spirit you cannot satiate, Quasar Expeditions’ Patagonia adventure is perfect. You have the freedom to explore as you feel the urge, and you even have the option to go without a guide.

When travelers first arrive, they are briefed on where they are going, and are handed the keys to their Jeep. Some may choose to have a tour guide with them, who is also able to drive the Jeep. But all the Jeeps come with a GPS system, and you are allowed to take on the terrain yourself. This way, you are free to follow your adventuresome spirit

Quasar Expeditions is known for the freedom they give guests to choose their own adventures. There are always options during the trip for what activities you wish to do. There are times for sightseeing, hiking, visiting museums, or shopping in the local towns.

Activities Fit For an Adventurer

You will be exploring Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, horseback riding to Blue Lagoon, boating around the Pereno Moreno glacier, and visiting a glacier museum, among many other things. The trip is packed with vigorous hikes and afternoons at the spa to relax.

Like with anything from Quasar Expeditions, there are always options. Some days you can choose between easy, medium and difficult hikes. If you chose the naturalist expedition, some days you can view the glaciers from a boat. The brave souls who choose the adventurers expedition can hike along the glaciers.

Let Quasar Expeditions and Jeep take you on an adventure you will never forget, through the heart of the rugged and untamed beauty of the world.


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