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Enjoy Exclusive Exotic Luxury with Salila Expeditions

Salila Expeditions  is a private yachting business that can offer tailor made excursions to some of Indonesia’s most remote and exotic destinations, all whilst wallowing in luxury. This luxurious yacht has the capacity to carry up to 20 passengers and includes a crew of 20 to ensure the luxury enjoyed is to the highest standards.

The Yacht

The deck of the 56m yacht is divided into three sections, the first offering a large sun deck that includes a Jacuzzi and a wet bar, whilst the second section affords shade from the sun whilst enjoying some of the magnificent views whilst perhaps drinking a glass of fine wine. Obviously both these sections are designed for relaxing which can also be done in the evenings whilst watching the stars. The third section, at the rear however, has been designed to cater to the more energetic and so has a platform that can be lowered for swimming and a preparation area for scuba and snorkel diving.

The interior of the yacht contains an assortment of cabins that are all equivalent to accommodation you may find in a 5 star hotel. As well as the cabins there is a lounge area and a library, plus of course a dining room where you can experience a delicious buffet style lunch and either your own requested menu or the chef’s culinary delights, Asian and European, for dinner. One of the most popular meals on Salila Expeditions is the beach BBQ of seafood, cooked and served on a secluded beach.


Obviously aboard a yacht there are almost limitless water activities that include diving, swimming and fishing but Salila Expeditions also offer some extraordinary land activities like hiking to enjoy spectacular scenery or to visit hidden jungle villages on some of Indonesia’s most beautiful, more remote and less visited islands. If you prefer you can just visit one of the many small fishing villages where, although friendly and welcoming, the people still live and fish in the old traditional fashion.


Some of the more spectacular and popular destinations offered by Salila Expeditions are Raja Ampat, a region located in West Papua that has been referred to as the last paradise and with its pristine coral reef, white sparkling sands and azure waters it is easy to see how it got its nickname.  The Komodo Islands are located in central Indonesia and are both a World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Whilst visiting these islands you can take guided hikes to witness some of the more exotic wildlife that include as well as wild boars and water buffaloes, the legendary Komodo Dragon.

Salila Expeditions can offer you an experience like no other by affording you the opportunity to visit some of the most exquisite islands, not only in Indonesia but possibly in the world, and do it all whilst enjoying the comforts and luxury of 5 star elegance and service. These are days that will leave memories of exotic beauty etched in your mind for a life time.

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