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Experiencing the sea closer than ever on Sea Cloud Cruises

Step back in time when sailing was a way of life, and the only real way to see the world. Windjammers Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II have been chartering their own course for years.

Watch the deckhands hoist and unfurl the sails by hand, and experience true seafaring on board these majestic yachts. Here the sea is always within reach, not a dozen decks away. Every sailing cruise becomes a special travel experience, for people who earn for something unique and different.

In 2020, the new Sea Cloud Spirit will join the fleet, offering guests three extraordinary sailing vessels.

The true sailing experience

3,000 square meters of sail area, the creaking of the rigging, a glittering sea: At Sea Cloud Cruises, guests travel in the centuries-old tradition of hand-sailed windjammers. When the orders ring out over the decks of our two windjammers and the crew climbs the rigging, every single manoeuvre brings a centuries-old ritual to life. Everything is done manually and can be watched from close up – from loosening, tightening and adjusting the sails and carefully rewinding the ropes on deck, to polishing the brass and mending the sails. It takes the crew almost one hour to hoist the sails by hand, and it is a fascinating spectacle each and every time.

A perfect break from everyday life

Crews of around 60 are there to ensure that all guests (max. 94) enjoy a unique cruise experience that is tailored to their needs. Many of them have been working together for years, forming an established team which meets guests’ needs with a smile and spoils them with culinary delights. Savour the classic maritime atmosphere and experience the proud sailing tradition in every detail. Whether on deck in the sun or in your comfortable cabin, you will soon find your favourite place on board. While away the days in the elegantly casual atmosphere of the yachts, and feel the stresses of daily life melt away with each nautical mile sailed.

Sea Cloud CruisesSea Cloud CruisesSea Cloud CruisesSea Cloud Cruises

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