Sidestory - Karim; Graffiti artist


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SideStory Offers London Travellers a Peek at the Story Behind the Scenes

As one of the newest travel companies in London, SideStory whisks its privileged guests on a journey behind the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Understanding that every city has a story to tell, and that any true traveller seeks to find that story, the co-founders of SideStory sought to create a company that went one step further. Through their personalized and bespoke itineraries, travellers will experience the city of London through the minds, eyes, and palettes of the area’s most intrepid artists.

Selecting the Perfect Insider

The eight Insiders who work with SideStory were each chosen for their exceptional expertise in a particular artistic field. With renowned reputations and immense passions, the Insiders are individually suited to guide your experience with a genuine sense of purpose. SideStory adventurers will discover that every Insider cares deeply for their profession and creative field, and each offers a perspective on the city that is unmatched.

When guests are choosing the perfect Insider to lead their adventure, they need only decide which art form or creative outlet interests them the most. Current options include the likes of Grace, a famed artist, art critic extraordinaire Joshua, and creative director Benjamin. In addition, visitors can explore their love of the gourmet with food and wine writer Louis or food and drink editor Chloe. Further artistic escapades are found with Antonio and Karim, a photographer and graffiti artist respectively. If travellers have an eye for fashion, noted stylist Hannah is the Insider to choose.

Bespoke Experiences Unlike Any Other

SideStory is currently offering 26 different experience options, all of which take advantage of London’s growing art culture. Experiences can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day, and often include chances for refreshments and shopping. Some of the six food and wine related experiences also offer tastings and additional dining options.

From charming tours of the local markets or museums to entrance into London’s prestigious Design Festival, there is an experience to fit each guest desire. A majority of the experiences are focused on areas of East and Central London, though there are a few that branch out to the North. Travellers who wish to share their experience with a guest will enjoy that ability to add party members, often as many as four people to a group.

How It Works

Taking part in a SideStory travel experience is quite simple in nature, though the results are complex and engaging. Visitors who wish to become a part of the adventure will first choose an Insider to guide their story. Once they have chosen an Insider, visitors will then choose a specific experience to attend with their Insider. From this point, the staff at SideStory will take the appropriate steps to put everything in place. Your unique adventure will be scheduled down to the finest details. SideStory provides an innovative concept and incredible imagination, lifting the theories of travel and exploration to new heights.

Sidestory - Karim, Go east, Rachael MoloneySidestory  -  Grace; ArtistSidestory  -  Benjamin, Interior motive, Benjamin KemptonSidestory  -  Hannah; Fashion stylistSidestory  -  Benjamin,Bright Idea; Gord RaySidestory  -  Joshua; Art criticSidestory  -  Joshua, Get the Picture; Rachael MoloneySidestory  -  Benjamin; Creative directorSidestory  -  Grace, Good Form; Rachael MoloneySidestory  -  Chloe; Food and drink editorSidestory  -  Louis, Made in Soho,  Rachael MoloneySidestory  -  Antonio; photographerSidestory - Grace, In the public eye; Rachael Moloney

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