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Take a walk in space with Space Adventures

With their recent media attention, you’re sure to of heard of Space Adventures. Over the next ten years, Space Adventures are scheduling flights into space for private clients – so if you’ve always wanted to experience the life of an astronaut and everything that space has to offer, you now can!

As the world’s premier private spaceflight business and the only company that accommodates tourism in space and access to spaceflight for private individuals, Space Adventures create experiences that are fun, safe and affordable.

Having previously sent private clients successfully into space for a cumulative period of around three months, to travel over 36 million miles, Space Adventures are are excited to improve and introduce experiences, such as visits to private space stations, suborbital flights, earth orbits and historic expeditions across a great range of space vehicles.

Excited? We thought you would be! For space fans and the curious, you can explore their range of experiences, training and expeditions to find the right flight or fun-filled experience to suit you.


With spaceflight training with the Star City spaceflight program in Moscow, Russia – at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre as it’s professionally known, where the Soyuz-TMA spacecraft  astronauts trying too, learn to fly and spacewalk just like the professionals. You’ll also find the coveted Centrifuge where the exact G-force found on the Soyuz is replicated to give you a complete feel for the real life expeditions themselves.

Plus, Space Adventures give you the ability to spacewalk with their neutral buoyancy training and ground based spacewalks. Operate a Orlan spacesuit as used by the Russian cosmonauts in the underwater hydrolab as a replica of the lifestyle experience at full scale or with a rope suspension to get a complete lifelike feel as you train!


With limited availability, Space Adventures are planning to launch Circumlunar Missions to the illuminated far-side of the moon, to the International Space Station with the Russian Soyuz and even conducting a spacewalk on an extended visit here and suborbital spaceflights with full preparation for a number of private clients over the next century.


If you’re after more of an experience as opposed to the real deal, you’ll not be disappointed. Choose from trials in a Sokol space suit and learn how to deal with pressurisation as a real life astronaut would or experience life and the layout of the International Space Station with the simulator as well as getting your hands on the new and improved culinary delights that space food has to offer or even watching flight preparation itself!

If that’s enough to wet your appetite, or maybe the term put a spring in your step would be more apt, you can even find yourself a personalised itinerary put together by Space Adventures to suit your needs and interests as you become one of few humans that have experienced space.

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