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Steamboat Powdercats

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Snowcat Skiing at its Finest with Steamboat Powdercats

Skiers and snowboarders are constantly on the pursuit for the ultimate ski experience and seeking fresh snow, outstanding terrains and the exciting thrill of the sport. Steamboat Powdercats may just be the ticket to that much sought-after experience, and one that might just be the top of the lot!

Steamboat Powdercats offer cat skiing, Colorado-style, in the Steamboat Springs backcountry. They are always hot on the heels of fresh snow – powder-rich snow. Their terrain is located on Buffalo Pass, which annually records some of the deepest snowpack in Colorado, and is well-known for having some of the lightest and fluffiest snow in the world – top of its class, cream of the crop. So much so that this snow has been trademarked and given the befitting name of ‘Champagne Powder’. On top of that, Steamboat Powdercat’s terrain is massive – providing a variety of terrain that caters to different skiing abilities. For the beginners there are mellow glades, and there are spruce forests for the keener skiers. For the advanced and expert skiers there are steeper and higher pitches for you to enjoy. Steamboat Powdercats strives to see that all skiers get maximum satisfaction out of their trip by ensuring their skiing skills match the appropriate terrain and that skiers are grouped accordingly, so everyone gets to enjoy skiing to their heart’s content without being rushed or held up.

Steamboat Powdercats do not just only offer skiing trips and excursions, but a complete and satisfying experience from beginning to end. From a warm welcome to a friendly atmosphere, you can be sure that you are in good hands and in good company. Steamboat Powdercats’ mission is to ensure you experience the finest and most fun-filled skiing you have ever had, and leave with wonderful memories.

Passionate and friendly, Steamboat Powdercats’ ski guides seeks to bring you a great experience with your safety in mind. They are experienced, skilled, and love doing what they do. Steamboat Powdercats boasts a fleet of 3 heated luxury snowcats, which are comfortable and spacious. Enjoy your catered breakfast and hot lunches in the comfort of the snowcat. These snowcats are also available for private hire, the perfect treat for families or groups of friends.

Situated in Northwestern Colorado, Steamboat Springs is the perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders – it has massive amounts of snow, it is a bustling hive of activity, and full of friendly faces. Be inundated and spoiled with the various choices of excellent accommodation and great restaurants. There is always something going on! Feel at home in this lovely town, and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Steamboat Powdercats offer a great range of skiing tours and excursions that cater to different time frames, budgets and abilities. So snow-seekers and thrill-seekers, if you are still in pursuit of the ultimate and most satisfying ride in the deep powder, look no further – Steamboat Powdercats may just be what you need to sign up for.

Steamboat Powdercats - These guides lying in the snow next to a snowcatSteamboat Powdercats - Blasting through powdersnowSteamboat Powdercats - Skiing down to the bottom where the snowcat awaitsSteamboat Powdercats - Guest jumping on his way downSteamboat Powdercats - Three guides having fun behind a snowcatSteamboat Powdercats - Welcome back to the snowcat 2Steamboat Powdercats - All female group having a blastSteamboat Powdercats - Welcome back to the snowcatSteamboat Powdercats - Observing guests coming down the mountainSteamboat Powdercats - Cat & snowmobile awaiting guests down the mountainSteamboat Powdercats - Guests getting ready for their adventureSteamboat Powdercats - Clearing the path from fresh snowSteamboat Powdercats - More snow equals more fun for this groupSteamboat Powdercats - Cat driver with an attitude

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