Tiger Blue - Sailing among countless islands in emerald green waters

Tiger Blue

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Tiger Blue – the perfect floating base to explore the Indonesian archipelago

Available to rent out privately or to rent a single cabin, the Tiger Blue yacht is a stunning vessel that will take you across the islands of Eastern Indonesia.

The boat has five different guest cabins and can host up to 12 adults. The small size makes trips less stressful and allows guests to choose which activities and places they most want to see.

The Islands

The Tiger Blue yacht sets sail to three different places, through the Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat and the Banda Islands. The crew is up for an adventure, however, and if there is somewhere in the Indonesian islands you want to visit, let them know.

Their trips are flexible, and itinerary can change based on weather. Because they sail with such a small group of people, it is easy to shift around the schedule and explore uncharted territories. Or, at least, unplanned ones.

The Tiger Blue yacht is ideal for family vacations, bringing along aunts, uncles, and Grandma. But the cabins can also be booked on an individual basis. Their Journeys of Discovery trip takes groups of travelers across Komodo, Raja Ampat and the Banda Islands, but they are still small expeditions and can change their itinerary easily.

Under the Sea

Sailing the crystal waters around Indonesia is the perfect opportunity for exploring coral reefs by diving or snorkeling.

Equipment for diving and snorkeling is provided on board the Tiger Blue yacht. Diving instruction for beginners is available, although it is recommended that you take the theory course before your trip. No one wants to study theory when there are brilliant waters to be explored. The theory course can be taken in advance online.

There are many different diving spots, and the ship will travel to place that best suits the experience of the divers onboard. A certified diving instructor will accompany all groups.

Snorkeling is also available, and is a great way to view the coral reefs and sea creatures without needing diving instruction. Tiger Blue travels through the “coral triangle,” so there are many fascinating reefs to see.

Fun in the Sun

The waters are warm and the sun is warmer, the perfect time to play in the ocean. Tiger Blue will provide you with everything you need to make the most of the water playground: wakeboards water skis, kneeboards, and kayaks are all provided. They can also organize trips for surfers who want to hit the waves.

Explorers For a Day

There is plenty to see on the islands where Tiger Blue sails. When not enjoying the water, guests can hike up the mountains, see a volcano, or meet a Komodo Dragon face to face. There is rich vegetation and plant life on the islands, as well as interesting and diverse wildlife. Many species are unique to this area of the world.

At dusk, sit back and watch thousands of fruit bats leave their dwelling place in search of food. It is a sight like no other.

Eat Well

The on-board chef will cater to your party’s particular dining needs. Some popular menu items include freshly caught seafood off the back of the boat. For those interested in fishing themselves, special fishing expeditions can be set up. There are always a few days to fish on any trip, although fishing within the national parks is prohibited.

Fresh seafood, plenty of sunshine, and a bit of saltwater, together with a crew of experts make a trip onboard the Tiger Blue yacht one you will never forget.


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