Waterproof Expeditions

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Waterproof Expeditions Offers Spectacular Thrills Above and Below the Water

Waterproof Expeditions, a lively and thrilling adventure company operated out of the Netherlands, provides leisurely explorers and adrenaline seekers bespoke opportunities for interaction with the world and its characteristic organic playground personality. Offering a vast selection of destinations and excursions, Waterproof Expeditions creates memorable experiences that are just as educational as they are exhilarating. With a philosophy centred on the appreciation of nature and the need for global conservation, encounters with wildlife and the wilderness at large are life enhancing experiences.

The Destination of a Lifetime

With Waterproof Expeditions, the destination is far more than an ending point. In fact, each destination offered is the beginning of a new journey of wild discovery, both of your environment and yourself. From the unrestrained Galapagos Islands where you may snorkel with sea lions and find yourself outnumbered by iguanas to the enigmatic South Pole, where you can literally walk around the world in four quick steps, the wonders of the world never cease.

Further excitation may be found in French Polynesia or Malta, where tropical fragrances and melodies enthral the senses and Mediterranean history collides with sunken treasures and bejeweled coral reefs. Take another worldly trip to Antarctica, where the end of the earth evokes a seclusion and serenity that is unmatched. Alternatively, visit the High Arctic to encounter mythological sea creatures, polar bears and beluga whales.

If you choose to follow Waterproof Expeditions to Norway, you will find yourself in orca territory, where the magical Aurora Borealis is just as mesmerizing as the orca and humpback whales feeding in the winter time. Iceland, an eclectic combination of rugged earth and opulent luxury, provides travellers with the unexpected, and some of the finest deep sea diving experiences in the world. Russia’s White Sea and the mysterious North Pole will bring intrigue and unspoilt arctic wilderness to your fingertips, while Spitsbergen, Norway offers an Immersive polar bear education.

An Expedition to Remember

As arriving at each unique destination is merely the opening act, the real excitement begins when guests participate in one of the many bespoke excursions offered by Waterproof Expeditions. The White Sea Diving Expedition is a photographic exploration of the area, above and below the sea. Dog sledding, ice diving, and cultural exchange are on the menu during this arctic adventure. While visiting the High Arctic, a dive from Baffin Island by midnight sun is a transformative experience, and the underwater world of French Polynesia is explored thoroughly with the assistance of Cousteau divers.

While only a select few have undertaken the trek to the North Pole, an even smaller number of people have actually dove in the North Pole waters, with Waterproof Expeditions you can become one of the esteemed few. Assist an elite group of deep sea divers continue the Jacques Cousteau legacy while discovering new areas of the Galapagos, or dive and snorkel under a wall of ice in the southern ocean of Antarctica, another unique experience that few have accomplished.

Waterproof Expeditions provide and endless number of destination and expedition combinations, each guarantees a thrilling, educational, and wild encounter with the natural wonders of our mystifying world.


Waterproof Expeditions - Diver moving in close to the sealsWaterproof Expeditions - Norway Orca and Humpback Whales ExpeditionsWaterproof Expeditions - Polar Snorkelling in AntarcticaWaterproof Expeditions - Private submarine getting upclose and personal with a shipwreckWaterproof Expeditions - Norway Orca and Humpback Whales Expeditions 2Waterproof Expeditions - Polar Snorkelling in Antarctica 2Waterproof Expeditions - White Sea BelugasWaterproof Expeditions - Zodiac CruisingWaterproof Expeditions - Orca photographed underwaterWaterproof Expeditions - Guest in Waterproof Expeditions dive suitWaterproof Expeditions - Getting Close to Ice BearsWaterproof Expeditions - Galapagos Cousteau DivingWaterproof Expeditions - Hanse Explorer In GreenlandWaterproof Expeditions - Humpback Whales in Antarctica

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