Experience Morocco

Experience Morocco is in the business of changing perspectives

The company creates experiences that open minds and invite guests to build a lasting connection with their home. In this way travel can be more than tourism, it can be a unifying experience that makes the global feel a bit more local. As a leading provider of curated and authentic travels across Morocco, they have the experience and know-how to design memorable trips custom-built around your client’s objectives. They understand that the difference between a good trip and a great trip is attention to detail, so they work to give all travelers the highest level of personalized service and flawless execution.

Founded by two Moroccans who met getting their MBAs in the US, the company’s focus from the beginning has been on creating custom, luxury experiences in partnership with like-minded agents. Their dedicated team of travel specialists, guides, drivers, and local experts will ensure that everything goes seamlessly, so guests can focus on making the most of their time in Morocco.


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