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Discover The Wonders of Argentina’s Patagonia on Horseback

The stunning environment of Patagonia offers a sight quite unlike anything else you may experience around the world, featuring colossal mountains and beautiful plains that stretch as far as the eye can see.

It is this natural wonder that Caballadas bring its guests, offering them the chance to learn about the millions of years of history that have gone into shaping Patagonia in addition to offering visitors the chance to explore this wonderful region on horseback.

Along the way you will get to marvel at the beautiful bodies of water that make up the area’s Lake District, in addition to enjoying the Lanín National Park, where you will see the monumental volcano that gave the park its name.

Of course, Caballadas also want to ensure that you enjoy the holiday in style, which is why they offer excellent accommodation to go along with their expertly guided tours.

Enjoy Spectacular Views At The Valley Lodge

Also known as “La Casa Grande” – which literally translates to “The Big House” – the Valley Lodge is located on top of a hill and affords a truly breath-taking view of the valley and mountains that surround it.

It is able to house up to twenty people in its ten bedrooms, making it ideal for large family holidays. Each bedroom, of which there are four masters and 6 singles, features its own private bathroom so you don’t have to worry about disturbing other guests.

The lodge also features a wonderful communal area where you can unwind after a rugged day of trekking around Patagonia. Enjoy a warm drink while sat around the fireplace or have a game of table tennis with the kids in the recreation area. Caballadas has designed the lodge with your comfort in mind, and it even comes complete with telephone and internet access so you can communicate with your family even in this remote of location.

Enjoy Stunning Argentine Cuisine

Caballadas have also ensured the Valley Lodge features a gorgeous dining room where you will be able to enjoy specially created Argentine cuisine that will give you a taste for the local area.

Breakfast will include a buffet that includes bacon, eggs, pastries and other foods, whereas lunch will usually be a picnic that you will enjoy while out on horseback on most days. This is where you will get your first real taste of Argentine food, including empanadas and milanesas, while exploring the wilderness.

The real highlight comes with dinner. Caballadas places a lot of importance on dinnertime, as it is the most important meal in the Argentine day. Often served quite late, you will get the choice of a wonderful selection of dishes that have all been crafted by the in-house chef to suit the widest selection of tastes while also offering a true Argentine experience.

Everything from Patagonian lamb to choice cuts of beef are available and special requirements can be catered as long as the chef knows in advance. You can then round out the day with a beautiful Argentinian wine or the special organic mint tea, which is made using mint plants growing just outside the lodge.

Caballadas  -  Main House surrounded by stunning natureCaballadas  -  Guests riding horses in natureCaballadas  -  Wine and Cheese picnicCaballadas  -  Driving CattleCaballadas  -  Main House with Stunning ViewsCaballadas  -  Horseriding under dramatic cloudsCaballadas  -  Room in Main HouseCaballadas  -  Fly Fishing 2Caballadas  -  Guests riding horses lined-upCaballadas  -  Delicious fingerfood with wineCaballadas  -  Horseriding in different landscapesCaballadas  -  A Room with A ViewCaballadas  -  Horse Lying in grassCaballadas  -  Main HouseCaballadas  -  Guests riding horses in open plainCaballadas  -  Horseriding amid spectacular nautreCaballadas  -  Flyfishing


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