F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris , United States of America

F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris

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Spend your holiday chasing tornadoes on a storm chasing safari with F5!

F5! brings a seasonal opportunity to chase the world’s most dangerous and exhilarating severe weather. The expedition includes in-house meteorologists that provide the on–board meteorologists additional analysis of the daily forecast, real–time weather data while on the road and anything else needed while in motion.  An additional weather support gives access to everything from real–time Doppler radar, lightning strike information and satellite imagery.  A perfect combination where passengers get the best chance to see the next big storm up close and personal!

Although the focus on these safaris is to witness the development and life cycle of a tornado, F5! also takes pride in the education their meteorologists provide. Every tour includes a detailed and in–depth discussion and education of the forecasting and process involved in finding tornadoes.  Since each tour is limited to only four passengers per vehicle, participants will get all the adventure, knowledge and personal attention desired.


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