Hotel Fasano Punta del Este

Discovering the beauty of Uruguay’s Riverlands at Hotel Fasano Punta del Este

Uruguayans are lucky. Set on a wedge of green lowlands land between the giants of Brazil and Argentina, the Uruguayan people live in a vibrant culture and democratic state with a minimum of fuss and suffering, and now enjoy one of the stronger economies of South America. While the land is good for pasture and farming, there are several ranges of hills in the centre of the nation, one of which is the Cuchillas Grande, and from these highlands the river they call the Arroyo Maldonaldo flows down to the beautiful Uruguayan beaches near the resort town of Punta Del Este. In the country north of this lively town, there are vivid green grasslands and marshes, and there you will find the Hotel Fasano Punta del Este, a grand estate featuring hotel and residences set on 480 hectares of verdant riverlands.

Hotel Fasano Punta del Este is a large affair, which operates a golf course and equestrian center, in addition to the hotel, and the group plans to expand their property into a condominium residence and resort area in the near future. Today, the Hotel Fasano Punta del Este welcomes visitors to the eastern edge of the estate with a visit to the Clubhouse at the golf course, horseback riding based at the polo grounds just east of the fairways, and exploration of the private beach called Venture, on the Maldonaldo River. The concierge will be glad to introduce you to bespoke tours of the nightlife in Punta Del Este, as well as chartered boats on the river. Hotel Fasano Punta del Este is a child-friendly resort, and parents will enjoy the numerous programs offered by the Kid’s Club during their stay, available for kids of all ages. You may enjoy several rounds of tennis during your stay, or you may prefer the outdoor swimming pool near the centre of the hotel complex, conveniently close to your guestrooms.

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