Feline Fields

Feline Fields –  An indulgent oasis in the heart of the Kalahari desert

Many miles from human civilization, The Lodge at Feline Fields embraces the golden hues of the dry savannah, creating an authentic but indulgent oasis in the heart of the Kalahari desert. Stunning, two-story suites, sited at the edge of the woodland, boast mesmerizing views across the grasslands with king-size beds and living areas that open onto pool decks on the lower level. Above, A-frame thatched roofs shade a spacious viewing deck with a sumptuous daybed. Have dinner delivered, or even sleep here, alfresco.

Guests’ enjoyment is a top priority, so timings for game drives and walking safaris are always flexible. Fat bikes, with tires thick enough to cycle through sand, are a novel way to explore the wilderness. Those who choose to stay by the lodge’s main 25-metre pool may find thirsty elephants come to them.

Designed for maximum environmental sensitivity, the lodge is built with sustainable hardwoods, powered by solar energy, and even the clay tennis court was made from an abandoned termite mound.


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