Fjellborg Arctic Journeys

An Arctic Paradise Discovered with Fjellborg Arctic Journeys

With a climate that ranges from subarctic to polar, travellers may not immediately think of paradise when they consider the destination of Sweden’s Lapland. However, the area is naturally set as a utopian playground for visitors who wish to explore an arctic environment with luxury amenities. With Fjellborg Arctic Journeys, each guest will experience the ultimate excitement and genuine beauty that Sweden offers, while their concerns about the cold weather simply melt away.

Four bespoke lodges are offered by the family-owned Fjellborg Arctic Journeys, and each was hand-built and appointed to represent the rustic grandeur of Sweden. A seamless combination of rugged lodge décor and modern amenities finds each guest nestled in their own luxury cocoon, complete with extravagant saunas and gourmet dining options. The journeys created for each guest, whether as couples or groups, are uniquely personalized and detailed. The concierge at Fjellborg Arctic Journeys prides itself on warm hospitality and exceptional services. From the moment your private jet lands in Kiruna, your adventure in the Lapland begins. The concierge will handle all of the tiresome details, ensuring that your stay is worry-free and exclusive.

Three excursions are offered to the guests of Fjellborg Arctic Journeys, each equally thrilling and educational. Travel from the lodge to lodge on a 4-day dog sled excursion, or experience the Aurora Borealis in combination with your private lodge stay. The excursions provided are an interesting chance to become familiar and comfortable with dog sledding, the most common form of transportation in the Lapland.

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