Fogo Island Inn

The warmest of welcomes comes from Fogo Island Inn one of the world’s more remote destinations

The island on which the Fogo Island Inn is located is a 45-minute ferry ride from Newfoundland and although at times the weather can get cold outside, the warmest of welcomes awaits you inside. The island’s people are extremely friendly and resourceful and have a love for art that is evident in the inn’s architecture and internal décor, all of which were designed and built by the islanders.

The Fogo Island Inn was built for the community by the community and embraces all of the island’s culture in a way that is unique and somewhat overwhelming. The white building, perched on stilts in places, pays homage to the traditional fishing huts that dot the coastline as a reminder of the days when fishing provided a livelihood for the entire island. With the disappearance of fishing as a resource to gainfully employ everyone on the island, locals decided on tourism as an alternative and so built the inn to promote it. All profits gained from the inn are given to the Shorefast Foundation which is a charity dedicated to protect the island’s culture and to secure its future.

The art-loving islanders have decorated and furnished the Fogo Island Inn with arts and crafts produced locally, making it almost a lived in the gallery displaying the finer qualities that these hardy islanders possess.

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