Four Seasons Tented Camp

Experience Thailand’s Golden Triangle Park in a most unique way at Four Seasons Tented Camp

Have you ever wanted to not only get away from the stresses of modern life but also to experience an entirely different culture in a stunningly unique way? With the Four Seasons Tented Camp holiday in Thailand you can do just that, seeing the amazing Golden Triangle of Thailand far away from the country’s more traditional tourist spots. This trip, which can be taken as a three or four-night excursion, will put you right in the heart of the most naturally beautiful areas of Northern Thailand for a guaranteed, long-lasting experience.

The Four Seasons Tented Camp experience not only takes you off the beaten track but also allows you to get up close and personal with the gorgeous elephants that call Thailand their home, offering a unique trekking experience that simply can’t be matched by any other location in the world. Along the way, you will travel through some of the most gorgeous jungle scenery on the planet, where you will get to some truly wondrous natural sights as well as getting a first-hand view of the flora and fauna of the jungle. Better yet, you will also journey along spectacular mountain trails that will truly open your eyes to the majesty of the land around you.

With expert elephant handlers who will have you riding your very own elephant in no time, the Four Seasons Tented Camp offers an experience quite unlike any other in Thailand.

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