French Promise


French Promise - Redefining luxury travel

French Promise is an award-winning DMC led by Philip Haslett and Sarah Latrous, with over 45 years combined experience in providing bespoke itineraries and unparalleled luxury travel services to the most discerning clientele throughout France.

They are the leading reference for luxury, experiential bespoke itineraries, and destination travel services in the country. Their unique network opens doors that remain firmly shut for many, attracting the top referral clients of the world’s most prestigious travel partners who appreciate their innovative approach seamlessly blending luxury with authenticity.

They have earned exclusive access to France’s most intriguing landmarks and museums, along with the country’s talented, artists and craftsman, to create rich art and cultural tours that are as mind-expanding, as they are pleasurable. And to ensure a seamless VIP travel experience from the moment one arrives in France, they own and operate their own luxury transport company.