Galagents - simplifying Ecuador and Galapagos travel planning

Galagents Galapagos Cruises is a Galapaguean tour operator dedicated to providing premium, sustainable, and immersive experiences in the Galapagos Islands.

Galagents offers a variety of excursions that appeal to luxury travel segments while promoting local employment and biodiversity conservation. The brand is renowned for its superior partnerships, offering B2B clients customized audiovisual content, fair pricing, sophisticated self-service online tools, expert assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ongoing professional support.

The Galaxy Sirius, a luxurious boutique catamaran designed for an exclusive guest list of 16 distinguished travellers, is a flagship example of Galagents' services. This ship features nine accommodations, each with a private balcony, designed to provide luxury, seclusion, and a customized experience. The availability of two naturalist guides enhances visitors' exploration of the Galapagos Islands' distinct biodiversity and breathtaking majesty. The communal areas aboard the Galaxy Sirius have been meticulously designed for optimum comfort and elegance. They are supported by a staff that adheres to the highest service standards. Galagents guarantees a distinct, authentic Galapagos experience beyond the islands' natural grandeur with VIP treatment since they arrive at the Enchanted Islands.