Experience luxury travel in Colombia with Galavanta

Galavanta is a boutique destination management company specialised in experiential luxury travel in Colombia.

Their bespoke itineraries are crafted around art, gastronomy, culture, nature, and adventure for off the beaten path experiences and private sessions with local experts. Galavanta designs meaningful experiences alongside historians, archaeologists, artists, chefs, anthropologists, and ornithologists with whom they have personal relationships. Galavanta’s team of travel designers create each itinerary in collaboration with their guests to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, authenticity, and exclusivity. Every detail of the travel logistics is then meticulously coordinated to deliver an unforgettable experience while providing flexibility to meet each client´s needs.

The company offers a privileged journey into the otherwise hard to access destinations in Colombia; made possible by their insider access and dedication to discovering the very best the country has to offer.

Experience convenient transfers by private charters, journey to remote destinations by helicopter or by boat, stay at experiential villas or tented camps and enjoy curated restaurant experiences. Galavanta offers pre-trip literature and film recommendations, personalised handwritten cards, local gifts at each destination, and special surprise experiences throughout trips.

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