Gather DMC


Your Ireland, your Adventure

Gather is a luxury travel company who create bespoke luxury trips to Ireland. They champion places, off the beaten track, which sustain communities in rural locations, preserving local culture, history, and traditions for future generations. They will take you to places most people don't even know exist, and you will meet some of the best characters in Ireland along the way.  With unparalleled access to the finest castles, villas, museums, galleries, musicians and chefs, our extraordinary team will create an amazing Irish vacation for your guests.

There is no checklist in how they create. There is, however, a running theme; Extraordinary experiences in breathtaking locations, great places to rest, all bursting with character, and the most amazing food, fresh from land and sea. Ireland is your active playground of culture, food, pubs, music, castles, and experiences.

Rather than just travelling around the country like a whirlwind, Gather will create experiences that allow you to be fully immersed in the culture and better understand Ireland. They narrow it down to help you decide where to spend your days enjoying the very best of Ireland, combining things you'd never find, the most exclusive places to stay with the best ways to play, learn and explore from first light to lights out.