Gentian Trails


Gentian Trails - The Authentic Experience

Gentian Trails is a true high-end DMC specialising in discovering the best version of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands by creating streamlined experiences carefully curated by experts. The DMC designs immersive interactions with unique journeys that allow guests to blend into the lifestyle and pristine nature of the destination. The company’s role is to offer its knowledge and expertise while crafting superb experiences and delightful surprises.

Gentian Trails was founded in 2006 by Santiago Martinez and Eleonora Ortiz, who both have extensive experience with more than 30 years in the business dealing with very high-end and challenging clients and are also professional guides that have extensively travelled and explored Ecuador and Latin America. In the organisation, the staff members, like the sales team and operations, are also guides, which has given a different perception of the operation and customer service, giving this matter a significant advantage over other DMCs. They share stories and experiences while creating journeys.

Gentian Trails is also involved in important conservation projects. The DMC has adopted a Condor called JATUN, who will be one of those responsible in the future for perpetuating the specie. They haven't left aside the social programmes, as they educate young indigenous people and support a homeless home in the northern Ecuadorean Andes. They are re-envisioning authentic travel into authentic sustainability. The DMC is Rain Forest Alliance.