Genuine Andalusia


Fall in love with Spain and be forever changed with Genuine Andalusia

Genuine Andalusia crafts and executes hyper personalised trips to Spain. They listen, deliver, and will impress even the most discriminating traveller. They have the unique ability to really understand and tease out what kind of trip works for each traveller.

Genuine Andalusia exemplifies superb and sustained services with intelligence, experience and empathy towards travel advisors and travellers alike. They are on top of every detail, anticipating every possible need. They know that to travel with absolutely no concerns is the ultimate joy.

The other real game changer in their bespoke itineraries of Spain is to truly understand the culture, lifestyle, gastronomy, arts, nature, traditions, and history of the country from knowledgeable, charismatic, and empathetic local hosts. They know Spain thoroughly and have a great love for travel and people. This makes them true catalysts for travellers to fall in love with the country.

The memories that Genuine Andalusia creates for travellers through their superior, carefully planned and well executed trips to Spain become precious lifelong ones of enriching experiences, of beautiful people and of an iconic country.