Giardini del Fuenti


Giardini del Fuenti – When land and sea meet

The charm of the Amalfi Coast is all enclosed in the Giardini del Fuenti, an exclusive estate whose essence is linked to an extraordinary balance between the work of man and the surrounding nature. Here the Mediterranean Sea gives its brightest colours and the sun of Southern Italy kisses a place with a dreamlike atmosphere.

Born from a vast intervention of territorial redevelopment, the Giardini includes various spaces, which reflect all the souls of this area. In a total area of 16 hectares visitors can choose from a wide range of services and points of interest, including the beautiful multi-level terraced garden, a fine dining restaurant, a beach club with the option of dine and cocktail parties by the sea, as well as a 9-step arena and a small artificial lake.

Weddings, private parties, business events, concerts, theatre performances and much more: with their versatility, the Giardini del Fuenti lends itself to perfectly host many types of events, thanks also to a caring and professional staff, always ready to support the customer in the perfect realization of the event.

The Italian beauty and the charm of the Dolce Vita lifestyle lives in this modern yet timeless structure, framed by the beautiful sea of the Gulf of Salerno and a short distance from Positano, Furore, Amalfi, Ravello, Cetara and all the other charming villages of the Coast.