Go by Vilu


Go by Vilu - A sumptuous, tailor-made road to get to know the people, culture and gastronomy of Mexico

Go by Vilu – México is a luxury DMC that designs, plans, and operates immersive tailor- made trips full of unique experiences enriched by the local people with a positive social impact in our homeland. The company was born from the lack of tailor-made luxury trips in Mexico, managed by Mexicans, al coherent prices making the most of every experience.

The logo refers to the Mayan civilization, merging significant symbols from the Mayan Calendar with the ROAD symbol, they want Go by Vilu to be the road for you and your travellers in their wonderful country.

With enchanting people and communities, unreal beaches, ancient ruins that take you to prehispanic times and out of this world gastronomy, Mexico truly is a treasure to visit. Go by Vilu believes that success in every project, lies in perpetuity. They take part in every action required to preserve the country, take care of its people, and ensure that bringing high-end tourism will benefit the communities, ecosystems and environment. Fairtrade, social responsibility, and sustainability are their promises to Mexico.

Go by Vilu – Mexico is the ideal road to get to know the people, the culture and the gastronomy.