Go Adventure Luxury


Go Adventure Luxury – Time is the ultimate luxury

Go Adventure is a DMC from Split, Croatia that proudly welcomes more than 18,000 guests yearly with their 2 brands Go Adventure and Go Luxury.

Their story began in 2015 when the founder, who was an experienced adventure guide decided to start his own adventure travel company. During 6 exciting and successful years, the team grew to be 40 professionals whose knowledge and friendly spirit made their story special and them able to organize everything themselves.

This success in organizing daily tours encouraged the company managers to expand in creating private and luxury multi-day itineraries which resulted in their second brand – the Go Adventure Luxury travel, where they combined their first love - Adventure, with luxury in a unique way.

With Go Adventure luxury travel, travellers will find signature luxury itineraries in Croatia that will really stand out, rent the best villas and unconventional luxurious accommodations, as well as charter yachts. Creating the majority of itineraries with their own guides, vehicles, and equipment is a personal guarantee of the highest quality for Go Adventure partners.