Golden Galapagos Cruises

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Explore the Galapagos archipelago in style with Golden Galapagos Cruises

Boasting a most valuable experience spanning well over two decades of operating within the Galapagos Islands, Golden Galapagos Cruises took advantage of this vast knowledge when designing their brand-new catamarans.

The company’s claim of connecting the guests with the islands at all times is clearly reflected in the panoramic design of both M/C Endemic and M/C Elite. These modern and luxurious catamarans have set a new standard for luxury cruising the Galapagos archipelago.

Each vessel features a carefully hand-picked staff of officers, hospitality staff, and crew to turn your journey into a most memorable one. The top naturalist guides are well-trained, friendly, and have a knowledge about the islands that is absolutely second to none. That’s not to mention who could well be the most important person on a cruise ship: the Chef. An expert in creating delectable meals out of the freshest ingredients, he will gladly surprise you day after day.

A typical day onboard might include a morning expedition to a visitor site to see frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, tortoises, iguanas and/or Galapagos penguins followed by a delicious lunch on board. A spectacular snorkelling spot and beach can form part of the afternoon while another gourmet meal awaits for dinner. To end the day, why not enjoy a cold drink on the deck while watching a dazzling sunset?