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Greece Insiders is a Destination Master specialised in designing luxury bespoke vacations, and exclusive corporate events

Greece Insiders is here to inspire you; to help you transform your dream holidays into reality. You will be surprised by how many things are actually possible when a local expert steps in. The possibilities are endless. Greece is blessed with ample gifts of nature and history. You may discover its ancient heritage and trace the sacred wonders evident in every corner, savour the life-enhancing Mediterranean cuisine, engage in thrill-seeking activities, and be enchanted by the awe-inspiring natural architecture.

Greece Insiders do not believe in ready-made programs but rather designing innovative, out of the box, and fully customisable travel itineraries; covering every aspect of what makes up your dream vacation. See your wishes take shape; from hidden boutique accommodation in the lush and untouched mountains of Epirus to luxurious 5-star hotels clinging on the caldera of Santorini; from exclusive experiences to one-of-a-kind tours and activities in any destination; from vintage motor yachts to a prestigious air charter, “Greece Insiders” have handpicked the best our country has to offer.

Let your talent unwind through a painting activity overlooking the astonishing oracle of Delphi, become an archaeologist for a day by excavating at an archaeological site, enjoy a private romantic picnic in Santorini while marvelling at the glorious sunset; no matter what you are dreaming of, Greece Insiders will make it happen.

Experience the wonder and magnificence of Greece and let yourself in the hands of knowledgeable, dedicated, experienced, and passionate local experts, who will accommodate every detail of your program; from a romantic gateway to a business event; always with the utmost attention.

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