Greek Luxurist


Greek Luxurist is your avant-garde way to travel to Greece

Greek Luxurist continues the journey started by two passionate professionals back in 1989 and is now the luxury DMC section of Antaeus Travel Group- IATA member with presence in Miami, Basel, Limassol and Manila. For over 30 years, the Company has been honouring the legacy of hospitality (“philoxenia”) born in ancient Greece by sharing the truth of its homeland with discerning travellers from all around the world.

As your trusted travel partner, Greek Luxurist crafts authentic itineraries of the highest calibre, tailored to the travellers’ needs and based on its expert and intimate knowledge of travel. It also offers a complete list of services that cover every aspect of the guests’ experience in Greece with impeccable quality and complete reliability.

Greek Luxurist serves the needs of luxury travel agents whose dynamic clientele of well-travelled individuals wishes to experience Greece through their exquisite services. The company offers everything from private transfers, luxury accommodation, luxury villa rentals, to yacht, jets and private helicopter charters.

Greek Luxurist believes that travel is an experiential journey of discovery that opens up your eyes to the hidden secrets of the destination, building unforgettable and life-changing memories that stay in your heart forever. The team of talented luxury travel designers are here to introduce you to wonderful Greece!