Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Discover the Enchantment of Milkwoods and Fynbos at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Unfolding serenely in an enchanting Milkwood forest of gnarled trees that are hundreds of years old, the 2,500-hectare Grootbos Private Nature Reserve located at the tip of Southern Africa invites travellers to discover a land of fynbos plains and hills bordered by majestic mountains and tinged with the deep blue waters of the Walker Bay whale sanctuary. More than a deluxe nature reserve, Grootbos, which in Afrikaans means “big forest”, is an ongoing conservation effort to protect the wonderful biodiversity in the region and create sustainable livelihoods for the members of the local community.

The soothing colours and sweet, refreshing scent of the fynbos and the Afromontane flora are the first to greet you at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, which is within reach of Cape Town. Home to 765 plant species, some of which are unique to this region, Grootbos is a testament to some of Africa’s more delicate beauties. Accommodations come in the form of airy and spacious freestanding suites, elegantly furnished and with en-suite bathrooms, fireplaces, and private wooden decks and pools. Whether you settle in the Garden Lodge, amid serene gardens and charming ponds, or in the Forest Lodge, whose sophisticated architecture integrates graciously with the exquisite beauty of the Milkwood trees, all lodges offer at sundown the magnificent spectacle of the great African sky dipping into the ocean.

In keeping with the reserve’s philosophy, dining at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is centered around organic produce and local seafood and wine, whose flavours and nutritious powers are harvested by Chef Benjamin Conradie and his team. Gastronomical five-course dinners are available at the reserve’s two restaurants, the Garden Restaurant, offering spectacular views of the fynbos plains and the Walker Bay in the distance, and the Red Indigo Restaurant near the Milkwood forest.

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